Organized by the Toyota Motor Corporation, Toyota Dream Car Art Contest is a competition that has embarked on a quest in search of the future skill from all corners of the world. Why? To draw of course! To show us your dream cars, to give us a glimpse of what your dream of the future of mobility looks like.

We, Toyota Lanka (Private) Limited here at Sri Lanka believe that there is nothing like a dream to create the future. Hence, we have taken the initiative to provide the opportunity to as many kids in the country as possible to be a part of this Dream car art contest drive.

The competition takes place in two stages.


The young artists are not just asked to kindle their imaginations, but the best drawings are selected at the National Contest (20 from each category of which the top 3 each are selected) and are awarded cash and other gifts at the Grand National Award Ceremony.

Oh! And how can we forget? The top three masterpieces of each category are entered into the Global Contest where all the winning artworks from each country are again put to test. If a drawing is to be selected as a finalist, the artist and his/her parents are whisked off to Japan for the Global Award Ceremony.