1. Age
  • Anyone aged 15 years or younger.
    Age Categories

    • Category 1:  7 years old and younger (Below 8 years)
    • Category 2:  8 – 11 years old
    • Category 3:  12-15 years old


  1. Creation of Artwork
  • Paper size:
    • Strictly Within 270-300mm (11-12inches) x 420-450mm (16.5-18inches)
      (A3 or Tabloid Size paper)


  • Artistic Tools:
    • Any standard medium of drawing can be used.(Colour Pencils, Water Colours, Crayons or Markers)
    • Artworks created using Computer Graphics, will NOT be accepted.
    • Also, although group work is good and appreciated, this is an individual based competition and hence, NO COLLECTIVE EFFORT artworks will be accepted.
    • Artwork MUST be in colour (No black and white pictures please!).
    • Artwork made of Collages, Cut outs etc are accepted.
  1. An Entry Form
  • The entry form can be obtained from
    • Any Toyota Lanka (Private) Limited branch
    • From the contestants respective school

Get the Application form below.

  1. Sinhala
  2. English
  3. Tamil
  • The necessary items on the entry form should be filled and the entry form should be securely attached to the back of the art work.

 Permission from your parents/guardian to enter the competition.