Like all great stories, Dream Car Art Contest began with a dream; A dream that gives children worldwide the opportunity to stimulate their imagination and awaken their inner artists and inventors.

This competition saw the light of dawn in 2004 in Japan, Conducted as part of Toyota Motor Corporations’ social contribution initiatives. Since then, Toyota Corporation has successfully organized and carried out the Competition for 12 long years.

Sri Lanka became a part of this Global event in the year 2011. The Dream Car Art Contest was introduced to Sri Lanka by Toyota Lanka (Private) Limited.

Since its inception, Toyota Lanka has successfully conducted 7 National contests, each year receiving over 12,000+ artworks in total from all over the country. Toyota Lanka can also state proudly that, this effort of delivering home grown talent to the global podium was successful as we were able to successively create 8 global award winners from 2013 to 2017,including global gold award winners (Age category 1) in 2015 and 2017 Global contests.